10-12 Gallowtree Gate Leicester 2021

Our elves have been busy making the workshop welcoming for children and adults with any and all special needs. They have created a space that can be customised to meet each person's sensory preferences.

The Grotto is 100% free and is being funded by The Mckeefery Family and our amazing volunteers and sponsors.


Our 5 year old son Hudson, has a rare Mitochondrial Disease affecting his FDXR gene. One of the symptoms of this incredibly rare disease is sensory impairment. This means he can find loud environments and bright lights distressing which means he doesn't usually enjoy typical kid friendly environments.

Last December while Covid numbers spiked, we wanted Hudson to be able to see Santa in a safe way. We were so lucky to have Santa (Hudson's sweet Uncle Alan) offer to isolate, take a Covid test and come to our house to visit Hudson. For the first time seeing Santa was so enjoyable for all of us. Hudson had time to adjust to the big red suit and the white fluffy beard, without extra noise, without flashing lights, without chaos. Hudson watched Santa for a while and laughed as he sang Jingle Bells. After a few minutes he was happy to sit with Santa and we were able to get some really great photos. It sounds simple, but if you have a child like Hudson, you'll understand the relief and joy we felt as parents.

After that experience, we knew something needed to be done to allow all kids the joy of seeing Santa on their terms and in an inclusive environment. We hope you and your family feel welcome, feel safe, and are full of joy during your visit.

Merry Christmas,
Hud's Mama and Dada

We are excited to open our doors for the first ever Santa's Inclusive Workshop. Our aim is to create a fully inclusive space where anyone with special requirements can feel comfortable and enjoy the magic of visiting Santa.

Here's what you can expect:

Plenty of time with Santa
Northern lights with falling snowflakes
A present from Santa
Accessible entry - ramp access
No queues
Customised lighting and sound for each child's needs
Take all the photos your heart desires
No Charge
Siblings welcome

We are now fully booked
thank you for your support.

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Things we need help with:

More Santa's
Elf Suit
Fake snow

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